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MySQL Connecting Remotely

Information on the internet about remotely to the MySQL database is quite confusing. All over the place you may find information about bind-address configuraiton in the my.ini file. Even I wrote about it recentlyHowever, after setting bind-address option it will no longer be possible to connect to MySQL database from localhost.

The guys from freenode IRC server #mysql channel clarified the situation:

remove bind-address= and skip-networking from my.cnf and grant permission to the external 'user'@'host' and remove any firewall rules blocking port 3306 and make sure no overrides on the mysqld commandline. See

bind-address is exclusive, not inclusive, it limits mysql server to what interface to listen on for incoming connections


Networking Issues in VMware Player Being Offline and Online

You may experience strange problems (at least they seem to be at the first glance) with networking on your machine which is running in VMware Player.

For instance, your virtual machine has


Accessing MySQL Remotely

By default, you can access MySQL only from the localhost. In order to access it from the network, you have to modify your my.cfg or my.ini:

  • Remove or comment out skip-networking option (by default in latest versions of MySQL this version is not present in configuration file)
  • add (or modify) bind-address with ip of your machine on which MySQL is running