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JBoss AS 7 Startup Time

Impressed by JBoss AS7 book from PACKT, I decided to try out JBoss AS7 release.

The first thing I noticed is the startup time. JBoss AS7 book author claims it is fast to start due to the new modular architecture. I can see on his screenshot, that it is about 5 seconds (on my netbook it is 11 seconds). However, I personally do not consider it "that fast". Certainly, something like GlassFish would take longer.


JBoss AS7 Book: Configuration, Deployment, and Administration

I have finally had a change to read the JBoss AS7 Book from PACKT. I have to admit, that this is very helpful book both for a developer and system administrator. It can be used both to grab an idea about JBoss AS 7 features and capabilities, as well as use it as a reference for JBoss AS7 configuration and management.

The book is divided into several chapter. The first ones deals with general things: installation and basic configuration. The following ones deal with configuration for Java EE. The remaining chapter discuss quite advanced topics, such as clustering, load-balancing and cloud computing.

What I especially in this book, that each chapter, or even each separate small part can be used separately without reading previous pages. The author also makes some useful comments and practical remarks. Additionally, the book contains many configuration examples.


[PACKT] JBoss AS 7 Configuration, Deployment and Administration

I have just been contacted from PACKT to review a book JBoss AS 7 Configuration, Deployment and Administration book. I agreed immediately, since PACKT releases quite good and qualitative stuff.

In two words, as the title says, the JBoss AS 7 book deals with administration topics, new and advanced features of the JBoss Application Server 7. It seems like it is a must-have book for everyone using or looking forward to migrate/update to JBoss AS 7.