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Memory Leak in Haskell During File Read 3

Problem described in previous two posts (1 2) has finally been fully understood and solved. Guys from #haskell channel on freenode IRC servers pointed me to the problem.

The thing is that


Memory Leak in Haskell During File Read 2

UPD.: Issue has been resolved

Things started to getting clearer. Here is a nice page explaining laziness during file read in Haskell (thanks to Vadim Platonov), section "hGetContents, hClose, readFile".
I have tried samples from that resource which should solve unwanted laziness, but memory leak still occurred. Moreover, those samples ran for ages on just several thousands of files and ate much more memory comparing to standard System.IO functions.

But my colleague just informed me, that the version which I posted previously runs without leaks on newer ghci version. I am too f*cked up after working day, so I hope to figure that out tomorrow.


Config Files in Haskell

Here is an easy and simple way to read configuration files in Haskell using ConfigFile package.


Haskell and MySQL

In this post I will describe how to connect and use MySQL with Haskell.


Printing Data Structures With Standard ML

Standard ML is a nice functional programming language. But unfortunately it is painful to debug applications. At least for me after using Haskell for some time. The problem is that there is no way to easy print out the data structure in order to debug it in good old "sysout" way.


New Project On Data Mining

I am happy to announce, that I am starting working on my first research project for Copenhagen University. This project is about data mining on huge base of XML documents. Since we all like functional languages at our faculty, most part of it will be implemented using them. So I hope soon there will be a lot of posts about data mining and functional languages!