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Maven + Apache Felix + CXF + DOSGi: An Example of DOSGi Service

Link in series

Link to two Felix instances

Here is yet another post in Maven + Apache Felix + CXF + DOSGi series.

Here I will show how to use Apache CXF DOSGi for cosuming remote services. You may see the sources on my GitHub account.

We will have


Mule ESB: Building a Self-Contained Standalone Web App with Maven

This example demonstrates how to build standalone self-contained Mule ESB web application, which can be deployed to a Java web container, e.g. Tomcat. The sources used are taken from Mule ESB "hello" example, which is distributed together with Mule.

You can obtain the sources from this post on my github:

I will just show the keypoints of the application and changes, that were different from "hello" application in Mule distributable.

First of all, the


IzPack with Maven

What does Maven? Maven builds a project. What does IzPack? IzPack builds an installer. Naturally, one would like to use Maven to control IzPack. Here is an example of a simple application which uses Maven and IzPack to create an installer for an application.

We start by creating a pom.xml:


Multirow and Multicolumn Spanning in Latex

Miltirow and multicolumn table spanning now with colors!

or more complex example:

And here how we do that for simple variant:


Config Files in Haskell

Here is an easy and simple way to read configuration files in Haskell using ConfigFile package.


Haskell and MySQL

In this post I will describe how to connect and use MySQL with Haskell.


JPA Persistence With GlassFish

So you want to use javax.persistence. Here is how you can configure it and run with GlassFish.


Java EE 6 Injection With Dynamic Parameter

Say, you want to inject an object using @javax.inject.Inject. And you would like to pass additional dynamic parameter upon initialization. You can do the following trick.


Servlet 3.0 Without Configuration Hell

Servlets 3.0 become easier.

Lets try simple InfoServlet example.