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Conventional Name Of Result Variable In A Method

Today I was told about simple idea using result name for a variables which will be returned in the end of the method. This is of course somewhat convenient when you have the same resulting variable name all over the project. But on the other hand we no longer write monster methods with one hundred lines, right? So in my opinion this convention is somewhat useless, when all your methods are short and meaningful.


Trailing Slash In Folder Path

Yesterday I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why a script was not working correctly. It turned out that the program waited for folder path with a trailing slash. The common practice is, however, not to have trailing slash in folder paths.

Anyway, it is always better to inform about trailing slashes explicitly if your program is not clever enough to determine it on its own. For example:

# Directory for generated files. No trailing slash!


$> generateData --help

generateData <SOURCE_DIR> <TARGET_DIR>

No trailing slashes in folder path!

Why We Shouldn’t Abbreviate “Java EE 6″

Prior to today I used "JEE6" abbreviation to mean "Java EE 6". Now I have changed all "JEE6" occurrences to "Java EE 6".

The reason is that I received an email from Bill Shannon -- Java EE specification lead, who kindly asked me to use "Java EE" instead of "JEE". He provided following sources for Java naming:

I really respect his opinion and appreciate his feedback. So from now on I will use "Java EE" to mean "Java EE".