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Axis2: Removing Namespace from SOAP Response

By default Axis2 will return a response with namespace, for example:

<ns1:return xmlns:ns1="">
    <status>Situation normal: all fucked up</status>

In order to remove it in services.xml add elementFormDefaultQualified to the schema tag:

<schema schemaNamespace="" elementFormDefaultQualified="false" />

So you will have the following SOAP response:

    <status>Situation normal: all fucked up</status>

Taken from here


Axis2 + Guice + Maven + Servlets

In this post I will continue Axis2 + Maven + Servlets + Tomcat topic. I will refer to it as previous post, because some stuff will be repeated. I will show how to have Google Guice dependency injection in Axis2 webservices.

I will reuse technique from sagara's Blog. It works perfectly, but it can be improved a little.

The same Axis2 wsdl generation technique will be used, so I will not refer to it again.

Again, we start by our


Axis2 + Maven + Servlets + Tomcat

In this post I will show how to combine axis2 web services with maven and a war project and make it run under Tomcat 6.

We will try to avoid holding auto-generated sources, instead we will generate them and compile whenever they are needed. We will also try to make the whole process as automatic, as possible.

Start by