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Checking out PDE as Maven Project in Eclipse

Ealier I though about bringing maven structure to mavenized PDE projects. That it instead of having

- trunk
  # dk.sorokin.maksim.feature
  # dk.sorokin.maksim.plugin
  # dk.sorokin.maksim.parent

where dk.sorokin.maksim.parent is a project containing parent pom.xml, have more standard maven structure:

- trunk
  # dk.sorokin.maksim.parent
    @ dk.sorokin.maksim.feature
    @ dk.sorokin.maksim.plugin

Latter case has more benefits. One could use "Check out as Maven Project...". When a new plugin is added, changes immediately are seen on the parent. There will be no need in providing "relativePath" to the parent in the modules.

However, as far as I see, at the moment it is not possible. The problem is that together with Mavenizing the project, we still want to preserve developers to work with the project the way they worked before. We need to have ".project" and ".classpath" files commited to repository. M2Eclipse Eclipse plugin fucks up ".classpath" file and adds some new settings during "Check out as Maven Project...".
Therefore, currently we will use a plain PDE structure and will not check out projects as Maven ones.

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