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Why IzPack?

At some point instead of shipping a product to a customer and doing some postconfigurations afterwards one decides to create an installer, which would handle all the process. Of course, having an installer is not an easy task -- installer needs to be changed along with your product. Testing the installer and supporting uninstallation are not trivial tasks as well..

But! Think of the advantages which you gain. Software is installed with double-click. No need to support long documentation manuals on configuration since a lot of stuff will be done automatically.

We decided to use IzPack installer for one of our products. Although there are plenty of other different installers, we chose this one since it is pretty simple, robust and free! I would like to start a small series of posts about IzPack covering integration with Maven, plugin development, debugging with Eclipse, making modularized installers (which can be included in each other) and so on.

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  1. Thanks for the IzPack love :-)

  2. Thank you for IzPack!

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