Tim Lothar & Peter Nande at Mojo

Tim Lothar and Peter Nande -- so far this is the best acoustic duo from Denmark I have ever seen. Highly recommended!

Tim Lothar Petersen plays the guitar and Peter Nande plays harmonica, jew's harp and other (more like wow-effect) instruments. Both sing very well, especially Tim. I am not an expert in music style classification, but I would say the play oldschool blues, with more accent on rhythm. I have not heard most of the songs before.

Ok, now about the harmonica playing. Peter does not go further sixth hole. His playing is pretty simple, but definitely not Bob Dylan style. He knows what second position is, and is able to play single notes. Solos are mostly rhythm-driven with a lot of what-what effects. He played mostly directly into the line. On one song he used a bullet mic and a separate amplifier. I have seen only 2/3 of last performance, so I do not know what happened in the first part.

I do not know about guitars that much, but Tim's playing is far better than what usually does one hear on acoustic guitar. Again, he is the best of the acoustic players I have seen from Denmark. Tim was play buss drum and small hi-hat with his legs on some songs.

Of course I asked them to play together. They were ok with that. I played a single 12-bars like number together with Tim.

Here are some photos (super-bad quality):

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