Adam Gussow is Cancelled

Unfortunately, Adam had some problems with documents and therefore is not able to get to Copenhagen..

Adam's explanation

Text from Mojo club translated (it's available online, but I have noticed that sooner or later text disappears from there):

Adam Gussow could not get on plain and therefore was forced to cancel his tour in Denmark. We are sorry and hope he will come again in March

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  1. Adam Gussow Says:

    I want to apologize to all my Danish friends and explain what happened that prevented me from flying to Copenhagen and performing at Mojo. My passport was in perfect working order. The problem was my wife's passport. It had her maiden name, Sherrie Denis Gardener, instead of her married name, Sherrie Denise Gussow. She had a second government issued ID on hand, her State of Mississippi driver's license, that had her married name. But her ticket was in her married name, not her maiden name. Even though both IDs had a photo of her, making clear that she was the same person, U.S. government rules are extremely tight these days, because Americans are paranoid about terrorist threats. It made no difference to anybody that she was my wife and that her government issued driver's license proved this.

    Although I didn't want to, I would have left her at the airport and flown to Copenhagen by myself. But by the time Orbitz--the internet travel agency through which we'd booked the flight--had kept me on the phone for an hour, I'd missed my flight.

    I am currently planning to return to Copenhagen in mid-December, hopefully to play Mojo on Saturday, 12/18. Please stay tuned!

    --Adam Gussow

  2. Adam Gussow Says:

    Please let folks know that I will be giving a clinic and concert at Mojo on Saturday, December 17th.

    --Adam Gussow

  3. mah Says:

    You meant 18th?

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