Joe Powers in Copenhagen

So this time Joe Powers from Portland, Oregon visited Copenhagen during Copenhagen Jazz Festival. He made a small Tango concert in local Tango House.

I don't like chromatica very much, but he played some nice Tango stuff. Did not have a camera again with, so no photos made!

Joe is interesting and very polity guy. Just the day before the concert he stepped into the sand on the beach, from which grill was taken off.. Yeah, he is alright now =) Had some light skin burn on the leg, so it was kind of difficult for him to perform in shoes.

Ok, something about equipment. Nothing much to say here. He used a "finger" mic Suzuki MS-100 Universal Mic and sang through it too. Well, that was the tricky one =) He used Suzuki Sirius chromatica, which is probably is not widely available in Europe yet. But if people are interested in it or any other Suzuki harmonicas (fx Pure Harp), they can order them through Joe at discounted rates.

We played a little bit together. He had some diatonics with him. I am not 100% sure, but I think it was Pure Harp from Suzuki. He played on C harp. And was able to take overblows on first hole. And told me, that just done some gapping in order to do it.

And here is the only blurred photo I have from that evening. Guess who's who!

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