Importance of Playing Something Else

Caprice 24 head So why should I bother playing something else than blues? Ok, I can play blues scale in different position. And maybe I can even practise major or some minor scale. But what's the point of something else?

There is a point. When you play different style, you obtain different feeling. Moreover, sometimes you gain some insight on rhythm and feeling. That "something else" can get you out from the hole, where you can be suddenly appear, when you play the same stuff again and again.

Here is a beginning from Paganini Caprice no. 24
Caprice 24 Beginning

You can check how it is played life. Sounds too fast? Maybe. But at least you can play a beginning! Here are holes for 1st and 2nd position:
Caprice 24 Harp Holes

But I would suggest to play it in first position, rather than second.

Where you can use it in real life? Well.. sometimes it is possible to play that "something else" during the performance on a blues rhythm. If you know what you are doing it can really sound great. Furthermore, you can use it against "harp bullies". When "harp bully" plays train chug (that's the only thing what they can do), you can play that "something else" on his rhythm!


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