Charlie Musselwhite in Copenhagen — Short Report

So finally I have some time to write about this event! It is a pity that I didn't have my camera with, so no photos from the concert!

Concert happened in Mojo Blues Bar. Place was kind of overcrowded. And as a result I was sitting in two meters from the scene! When Charlie Musselwhite showed up, I was kind of surprised since he didn't have any moustache as usual. Concert was pretty nice. He sounded really like on the records! And yes, he played ones of my favourite songs: "No" and "Big Legged Woman". Actually, he sang "Long Legged Woman" and lyrics were a bit different. But the song was the same.

Charlie was playing Seydel as usual and used Sonny Jr. amplifier.

I managed to have few words with him. First, I asked about an autograph on my Hohner =) He was kind of amazed, but made it:

And an ordinary autograph:

He told me, that he is using overblows at home, but when comes on the stage, doesn't use them.

During one song he used a nice trick. He place a mic not in front of the harmonica, but on his throat. This happened during guitarist solo and sounded interesting as a background melody.

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