Why I Don’t Like Hohner Pro Harp

I have several Hohner Pro Harps. But I will probably never buy another one.

The first reason..

1) It is MS

2) I don't like standing out metal plates
Pro Harp front

3) I don't like that it is covered with paint. It is not that slippy. Moreover, I have seen some pro harps, which had some paint fallen off. So in the result it can be painful for lips.

Pro Harp with paint

4) I don't like its screws.

Pro Harp screw

5) I don't like that it has only 3 screws.

Pro Harp plate with screws

6) And in the result of 5) it becomes wavy.

Pro Harp wavy plate

7) I don't like holes in the case.

Pro Harp holes in case


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